Communication doesn’t HAVE to breakdown…just listen to the other person?

IMG_1244Gosh I love my mother…Katherine Hipbones is her name. She is so “Artsy and Craftsy”! lol With nearly 100 years of fashions draped over her spare form, she can help people see how to pair textures, colors, accessories…Bleh…she can be such a DIVA sometimes? But she really does not intend harm…she can be ignorant of what it might be like to be a simple Milkstool, because her IDEA of my true path were a bit more…mmmmmm….”fashionable” than I cared to pursue? Just a different esthetic…a different time, a different fashion, mind you? We all have this choice to make as furniture? Don’t we? I think so.

Even though my mother is my strongest supporter, she can be a little ridiculous in her views…Hey?! She is 4X my HEIGHT and has her own viewpoints due to how and when she was made. Sometimes people only see her ideas as old-fashioned…but really, she has seen FASHIONS come and go…standing strong and appreciating the best qualities of any “FASHION” is what true style or art is about. Isn’t it? Enduring quality…at least that is the rap my MOM sings.

IMG_1320Mom decided on her path long ago, and has used her opportunity to serve humans as a useful “clothes horse” without apology? She IS a clothing and accessory FANATIC, hence her maker fashioned her of quality goods to support quality human goods? She is passionate about accessories and clothing…but don’t mistake her passion for quality with a slavish devotion to fashions…she would much rather support secondhand or remade quality garments than schlocky mass-produced “fashion”. She is a bit dogmatic about it due to her situation in the home of dog lovers who enjoy the pageantry of dog shows…and with the personal recognition that she is herself a strong and enduring piece of work…

IMG_1300 She really only WANTS my happiness, even though it can be hard for her to HEAR what might really make me happy?

It is often hard for the old furniture to blend and be flexible when it is time to change the interiors of human homes. Humans are so “fight or flighty” that furniture could end up in a jumble ANYWHERE with any other human’s furniture…at any time. Sad realization for some furniture, I know….disorienting to say the LEAST…whew.

Some might say that as furniture, we are subject to the whims of humans?…but if you as furniture are like my MOM…she has seen fashions come and go…she has stood strong in her values through it all, hasn’t she? It is ALL in how you dress the argument, if there is to be one?

IMG_1234 Mom is such a classic supporter of humans whether or not she likes the “fashion” of the times…she has true STYLE and will be there for me until the fire or termites or unruly large dogs take her OUT of the house where we live together… Do NOT mistake my mother as “OLD” and therefore misunderstand her strength, endurance and stamina…if you do, you are so stupid I could prod you with my handle in udder frustration…Do NOT get me started…

Lovingly devoted Mother!