Shun Hateful Ideas



Some might say “the struggle is LONG” but to me it’s continuous. Some people can’t celebrate life without dragging someone else down to puff themselves up.  The idea that someone or a group of people have no right to live un-tormented by the harmful actions and ideas of another group has PASSED .

We can clearly see the harm and describe the tactics haters use, but it makes us uncomfortable sometimes to speak out against supposed “good people” who are coming from an ideological perspective that promotes of a false sense of superiority over other human beings. Any “religious” group that seeks to shun the LGBT community, people with darker skin than pallid, and insists that their “way of life” is threatened somehow by people who seek to simply live life free of harm from their neighbors is a group based on HATEful ideas, and promotes hateful activities.

It would amuse me if it didn’t directly affect the quality and health of our culture as Americans. Our human body of thought is always populated with a few cancerous ideas. Let’s shine our lights of progress and positivity into the dark corners where this cancer seems to thrive? Wikipedia has a great definition of this nonsense, including specific religious groups that practice “Shunning” as a means of social control:


Any group that can’t appreciate the value of Harvey Milk as an American Icon of Human Rights is a “hate group” or “church full of idiots” or perhaps “a group of lost souls” themselves. Bless their hearts, they know not what they actually DO to people who don’t deserve their oppressive bullying. DSC07854

I prefer to celebrate Harvey Milk as the sort of courageous American who inspired us to think of the opportunity and safety of ALL people who live in our communities. It’s about RESPECT for diversity.

I’ve started a “Church” of sorts for all of the Misfit Tools and Toys and Furniture in our American culture? Let’s laugh and focus on inspiration and improvisation? It’s called the “Church Of Comedy Kids”! Won’t you join my C.O.C.K. Army? I want YOU…to “JOIN” or “Like” or “Follow” along if you want to…It’s not a draft, and we’re not recruiting…we just ARE who we ARE…aren’t we? Let’s get outta this mess we’re in…Us “Misfits” tend to need inspiration when times are tough. DSC07617


Thinking Outside of the Boxing Nun: I Speak Metaphor

Please enjoy a snippet of my parody lyrics (with photography) of Total Coelo’s 80’s Hit “I Eat Cannibals.” It’s one of those earworms that keeps on giving in Parodyland…Please feel free to add a quatrain in the comments and think outside the boxing!




I speak metaphor


It brings out the silliness in me

I speak metaphor!


I tell silly jokes




They’re hysterical!








I point out the DICKERY I see




I tell silly jokes.




Star Trek focused me




On the Galaxy




It still somehow inspires me, you see?







The Star Trek-ery…

Eccentric Circles


DSCN3362DSCN3369 (2)

I was born into rather eccentric circles. Both of my parents were considered odd or eccentric at various points in their lifetimes. I accept and celebrate the idea that I may be perceived as eccentric when compared to a larger circle of normalized humans.

Ideas and words evolve in meaning or significance throughout history. Wikipedia describes the origins of the word “eccentric” thusly:


From Medieval Latin eccentricus, derived from Greek ekkentros, “out of the center”, from ek-, ex– “out of” + kentron, “center”. Eccentric first appeared in English essays as a neologism in 1551 as an astronomical term meaning “a circle in which the earth, sun, etc. deviates from its center.” Five years later, in 1556, an adjective form of the word was used. 129 years later, in 1685, the definition evolved from the literal to the figurative, and eccentric is noted to have begun being used to describe unconventional or odd behavior. A noun form of the word – a person who possesses and exhibits these unconventional or odd qualities/behaviors – appeared by 1832.

Gay milkstool with a mission


I have been so blessed to have been surrounded by some of the most wonderful eccentric thinkers…most of them have been far from wealthy in the monetary sense. After all, riches can be interpreted or measured in a variety of ways, as can eccentricity per our friends the Wikipedians:


Look up eccentric oreccentricity in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Eccentricity or eccentric may refer to:



I guess I choose to embrace the idea that eccentricity appears to focus on generating movement and directing energy that is out of the ordinary. For example, not everyone can spend hours working on a metaphorical Art Project that is essentially a running dick joke…



Creativity itself is by Nature “Eccentric”.


Defending the Art and Humanity of Karaoke: Break Out in Song!


Karaoke is for singers of songs. I’ve been a singer of one kind or another my whole life. Long multi-state car trips on the way to Dog Shows ensured that a shared “fun” family trip included singing in the car…at the destination…on command for the entertainment of others and for the joy of singing. 20140112-IMG_2144

Musical theater roles…singing with live bands…singing for small and large circles…singing in community nearly every day when I was an exchange student to Brasil…singing in a “Women’s Acoustic Singing Group” for several years where a potluck, talking and singing about life and revolutionary ideas sustained our very SOULS during the challenges we faced as individuals.20140112-IMG_2137 I’ve sung at weddings…funerals…the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame unexpectedly…! Singing can happen anywhere.


Even though I love singing, mostly I love the fact that music is unifying…we experience it with all of our senses if we allow ourselves to become enraptured by the sound, meaning and vibration…a combination of culture, poetry and sound. Maybe I’m just a Mystic.20140112-IMG_2129 Music is a part of the Art of my Life.


I love the accessibility of karaoke as an entertainment and community building activity. Karaoke provides those who enjoy singing an opportunity to simply use their voice to tell a story and convey an emotional state. It encourages those who are equipped with no other instruments  than themselves to sing their song. 20140112-IMG_2138

In essence, I view karaoke as the most expeditious route to people singing a song openly and in public for the joy of the singer and hopefully, the audience. Even poor singing skills don’t matter…everyone has a chance to express an idea to the group. It’s easy to encourage participation from the audience and for the audience when the music has been provided via a predictable recording. Not everyone is comfortable or encouraged by the improvisation that can occur in “real” time with a band. 20140112-IMG_2139

I completely understand that live music played by musicians is competing with karaoke at the typical bars, saloons, and other life events where music is needed. I also understand that karaoke provides people a format to express themselves as music-makers. Karaoke is active entertainment…everyone who signs up becomes part of the “show”.  Karaoke unlocks the primal musician in all of us…one song at a time. 20140112-IMG_2191