Smack Dab In The Middle



I had the great pleasure of meeting some accomplished and talented musicians  in a band called Smack Dab at a local music venue in Portland, OR. This is simply an offering of photos from my Blackberry that captured a night of great “World” music from this band based in Hilo, HI. Great energy.



Real Friends Will Actually Help Dispose Of The Body



My dog Serena is a Borzoi. She is an unusually good hunting dog with a strong drive to eradicate any encroachment from those creatures who are not welcome in our home or yard. It’s what dogs do? I accept it and prefer less “vermin” in the yard, but I don’t always appreciate the aftermath…

While I had noted a kerfuffle late last night in the yard that led me to think she had probably found a squirrel or mouse or other rodent-y thing and killed it, I was not prepared to see the “trophy” that she so gracefully pranced about this morning before coffee. She had extricated the critter from the thicket where she had dispatched it (nearly silently!) last night and delivered it to me at the sliding door with some blackberry bramble still attached.


I’m not good at this “dead thing” disposal game. When there is an estimated 25 pound dead toothy thing on the deck I will, and do, beg a friend to step in to help. I’m no fool on this one…I know what it would cost me in anxiety and actual retching to take care of this task myself. I say NAY and call in a friend or two whose skill set include carcass removal.



Atta Boy indeed. Smile

Here’s to friends who will help or at least witness the dark lurching creepy things that confront us in our daily lives and on our decks. Untroubled by foulness…able to remain composed for the removal of all that is NATURAL yet less than charming…HERO and SHERO of tidiness in the face of death literally at the doorway…Thank you, FRIENDS! I salute you!