Weight A Minute



I was greeted with an unsolicited and probably well-intentioned magazine subscription today: Weight Watchers. I have nothing but praise for this magazine that promotes a “Brand”, a “Lifestyle”, a “FOCUS” if you will, for those who are seeking more information on products, fashions and ideas for weight loss. Magazines in general ensure that people inform themselves with cutting-edge recycled tips to maintain a certain baseline neurotic self-consciousness about the human form. I do not prefer the “BIG BOX” pop-culture offerings over a focus on my unique dietary and exercise needs and preferences.

Unsolicited advice (or magazine subscriptions) that focus on one’s weight and dieting infers so many assumptions about a person and their daily routine or reality that it becomes hard to know how to react. Wow. To the person who purchased this subscription: simply fuck off, please…but since you asked….


I’d have preferred to select my own magazine subscription. Choice matters. Actually asking a person what they might prefer to motivate or inspire them toward a positive goal is truly appreciated, charming and compassionate.

If you’re a woman in the US, you probably have felt “overweight” regardless of your actual size or shape. It seems that no matter what you have done, are doing, or will do, your actual weight is measured right alongside the weight of your character or any challenge you may face. I’ve always been on the higher end of the spectrum by any standard measurement of averages such as weight, IQ, creative outputs, etc. Oddly but not uncommonly, for most of my life it seemed that I was always on some “diet” or another, instituted by my parents or other family members, or because of some personal notion that I needed to be slimmer for my health and comfort. It has been a recurring theme throughout my life.

Ironically, a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome a few years back confirmed what I had already observed: I have a  glandular metabolic disorder that ensures that every calorie consumed is hoarded for the potential famine to come. You skinny fuckers will die, and mutants like me will thrive and carry on in the post-apocalyptic times of scarcity.


Sometimes that’s just the way it goes, so one learns to adapt. I’ve always known I need to eat very little to survive; the rest is just what’s for dinner, so I consciously eat less. There is a medication that I could take that would speed up my metabolism, but it has less than pleasant side effects that involve never emerging from the bathroom. Of course exercise is important to healthy, vigorous living, and I’m mindful of that as well. We all know what we know, after all! Or we should probably remember something about exercise if we are (indeed) an adult. Low impact, stretchy dancing, yoga-ish workouts are my favorites, along with walking, hiking and anything that tends to get my heart rate up. Winking smile

I stopped “dieting” and focused instead on the quality of my food. I’ve steadily lost weight gradually living by a few maxims:DSCN0648

Quality versus quantity.

The less “refined foods” the better.

Moderation in all things.

Margarine = Death.Smile


Letting go of things, ideas, and connections that don’t actually support my worldview or well-being has been a gradual transformation.

For those who struggle against lurching disapproval, ignorant judgements, unsolicited drivel or harmful assumptions: it helps to distance oneself from well-intentioned people whose perspectives of us as human beings are so limited that they lack the capacity to view us as more than an Icon, character, or archetype from a remote distance. People only KNOW you if they do.


When we “idealize” a person’s life condition, we make assumptions based on our own perspective and ideas and proceed accordingly.

When we “realize” a person’s life condition, we ask questions, acknowledge the person’s difference from ourselves and tune in to their perspectives and viewpoints with empathy.

Thank you for reading this rather personal glimpse into weighty topics. I love real people, and of course everyone and anyone is free to comment. Fair warning: prodding the opossum at this point might prove snarly.



Shun Hateful Ideas



Some might say “the struggle is LONG” but to me it’s continuous. Some people can’t celebrate life without dragging someone else down to puff themselves up.  The idea that someone or a group of people have no right to live un-tormented by the harmful actions and ideas of another group has PASSED . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/29/harvey-milk-stamp-anti-gay-group_n_5412295.html

We can clearly see the harm and describe the tactics haters use, but it makes us uncomfortable sometimes to speak out against supposed “good people” who are coming from an ideological perspective that promotes of a false sense of superiority over other human beings. Any “religious” group that seeks to shun the LGBT community, people with darker skin than pallid, and insists that their “way of life” is threatened somehow by people who seek to simply live life free of harm from their neighbors is a group based on HATEful ideas, and promotes hateful activities.

It would amuse me if it didn’t directly affect the quality and health of our culture as Americans. Our human body of thought is always populated with a few cancerous ideas. Let’s shine our lights of progress and positivity into the dark corners where this cancer seems to thrive? Wikipedia has a great definition of this nonsense, including specific religious groups that practice “Shunning” as a means of social control:



Any group that can’t appreciate the value of Harvey Milk as an American Icon of Human Rights is a “hate group” or “church full of idiots” or perhaps “a group of lost souls” themselves. Bless their hearts, they know not what they actually DO to people who don’t deserve their oppressive bullying. DSC07854

I prefer to celebrate Harvey Milk as the sort of courageous American who inspired us to think of the opportunity and safety of ALL people who live in our communities. It’s about RESPECT for diversity.

I’ve started a “Church” of sorts for all of the Misfit Tools and Toys and Furniture in our American culture? Let’s laugh and focus on inspiration and improvisation? It’s called the “Church Of Comedy Kids”! Won’t you join my C.O.C.K. Army? I want YOU…to “JOIN” or “Like” or “Follow” along if you want to…It’s not a draft, and we’re not recruiting…we just ARE who we ARE…aren’t we? Let’s get outta this mess we’re in…Us “Misfits” tend to need inspiration when times are tough. DSC07617

Defending the Art and Humanity of Karaoke: Break Out in Song!


Karaoke is for singers of songs. I’ve been a singer of one kind or another my whole life. Long multi-state car trips on the way to Dog Shows ensured that a shared “fun” family trip included singing in the car…at the destination…on command for the entertainment of others and for the joy of singing. 20140112-IMG_2144

Musical theater roles…singing with live bands…singing for small and large circles…singing in community nearly every day when I was an exchange student to Brasil…singing in a “Women’s Acoustic Singing Group” for several years where a potluck, talking and singing about life and revolutionary ideas sustained our very SOULS during the challenges we faced as individuals.20140112-IMG_2137 I’ve sung at weddings…funerals…the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame unexpectedly…! Singing can happen anywhere.


Even though I love singing, mostly I love the fact that music is unifying…we experience it with all of our senses if we allow ourselves to become enraptured by the sound, meaning and vibration…a combination of culture, poetry and sound. Maybe I’m just a Mystic.20140112-IMG_2129 Music is a part of the Art of my Life.


I love the accessibility of karaoke as an entertainment and community building activity. Karaoke provides those who enjoy singing an opportunity to simply use their voice to tell a story and convey an emotional state. It encourages those who are equipped with no other instruments  than themselves to sing their song. 20140112-IMG_2138

In essence, I view karaoke as the most expeditious route to people singing a song openly and in public for the joy of the singer and hopefully, the audience. Even poor singing skills don’t matter…everyone has a chance to express an idea to the group. It’s easy to encourage participation from the audience and for the audience when the music has been provided via a predictable recording. Not everyone is comfortable or encouraged by the improvisation that can occur in “real” time with a band. 20140112-IMG_2139

I completely understand that live music played by musicians is competing with karaoke at the typical bars, saloons, and other life events where music is needed. I also understand that karaoke provides people a format to express themselves as music-makers. Karaoke is active entertainment…everyone who signs up becomes part of the “show”.  Karaoke unlocks the primal musician in all of us…one song at a time. 20140112-IMG_2191

It’s 4:20 Somewhere…

DSCN3154Howdy Citizen of the Universe! Thanks for stopping by for this message from a watchdog. 🙂








Our leaders (family – elected officials – teachers) tell us what to think more often than HOW to think. Thinking for yourself may involve snooping into the inner workings of the matter. DSCN3079

Let’s think BIGGER than our personal beliefs or experience, or lack thereof…what goes around, comes around again…all in good time…


Our “Founding Fathers” grew hemp…and so does our collective family today…if they are allowed to.












Perspectives differ, and it can be hard to fight for what seems reasonable.











We don’t have to fight as much as we have to accept that change happens ALL THE TIME…incrementally.









The time is NOW, and always has been…even if you haven’t been listening…DSCN3097

Prohibition prevents innovation and criminalizes profitable notions.

Hemp is such a useful cash crop.


Some people want to benefit from Cannabis as a more “natural” medicine than highly processed pharmaceuticals.


It is logical for people to prefer time-honored traditional medicine as a resource for health and well-being when it effectively treats a patient with fewer side effects…isn’t it? DSCN3133 Many cultures in our human family embrace traditional medicine and prefer it over pre-made pills.



Some want to manufacture the beneficial fibers, oils and seeds for things like nutritious protein, sustainable plastics, fabrics, and high-quality cosmetics.


Life is about the choices we make and the options available to us. I can respect the use of plants that are solar-powered versus petroleum-based solutions…Can YOU? 😉


It is in our hands…isn’t it time to think of the future?DSCN2927